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Cockpit-Stabilizer - Tenere 700

Product no.: DT-NAV-1007

95.00 €
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Our "Cockpit-Stabilizer" puts an end to the wobbling of the unstable cockpit strut of the Tenere 700.

On bumpy roads, the Tenere 700's cockpit tends to vibrate a lot - especially if a navigation device that is more or less heavy is installed.

The reason for this are the outriggers made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic that hold the aluminum rod and have hardly any torsional rigidity. These are particularly unstable around the yaw axis.

This is exactly where the cockpit stabilizer comes into play by effectively reducing yaw. This is achieved by connecting the stable plastic part (to which the speedometer unit is also screwed) to the cockpit strut and thereby stiffening it.

The vibrations of the speedometer and headlight are also reduced.

Fits for Yamaha Tenere 700, YOC 2019-2022

The stabilizer only works in combination with one of our GPS brackets for the Tenere 700 (Basic 11-12 or Slim Basic 11-12).

The stabilizer does NOT fit the Yamaha Tenere 700 World Raid (modified speedometer unit)

It should be noted that the angle of the GPS holder cannot be freely selected when the stabilizer is installed, but must be set parallel to the speedometer unit. Depending on the installed navigation device, it can partially cover the speedometer or hit it. Therefore, when installing the stabilizer, we recommend our adapter plates for Garmin devices to enable installation further away from the speedometer.

The assembly is as easy as usual:

- 2 pieces M6x14 pan head screws connect the navigation mount and the stabilizer

- 2 pieces M6x20 pan head screws replace the original screws with which the speedometer unit is attached and connect the lower plastic part, stabilizer and speedometer.

Scope of delivery:

"Cockpit-stabilizer" incl. 2 pieces M6x14 and 2 pieces M6x20 pan head screws A2 for attachment to the "Basic" or "Slim Basic" GPS bracket.

Any compatible products or device holders shown are not part of the scope of delivery.

Weight including screws: 89 g

Material: aluminum, anodized